Symposium  /  25. Mai 2020  -  29. Mai 2020

E-MRS Symposium Biocomputation: materials, algorithms, devices and fabrication

Submit your abstract to the Biocomputation symposium at E-MRS 2020, May 25-29, Strasbourg, France;

The symposium will broadly cover alternative computation technologies and their application, as well as the related development of algorithms, new materials and fabrication technologies. It will also include a half-day workshop , kicking off work on a biocomputation roadmap.


Symposium scope

-          Alternate parallel computing approaches including:  biocomputing, molecular computing and hybrid solutions

-          Encoding and readout of large amounts of information into molecular and biological systems

-          Materials, molecular design, synthesis, and analysis

-          Single-molecule sensing and detection

-          Implementation of efficient algorithms and design of networks

-          Reducing error rates and formal verification

-          Fabrication and scale-up of computing devices including microfluidic approaches

Abstract deadline 15 January 2020


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