System Packaging


With the available equipment standard semiconductor and MEMS processes can be carried out as customers order or also as second source. A major advantage is that technologies and processes can be arranged and performed customer-specific according to the respective requirements. In the research fields of wafer bonding, MEMS/NEMS packaging and integration of complex micro systems we also offer feasibility and market analyses, ..., train the staff of companies in-house or also within their facilities and last but not least transfer new technologies and processes to the partner’s fab. Further information and dates are available upon request.

  • Applied research and development
  • Funded projects and funding advice
  • Customers order processing
  • Structured and bonded substrates (pre-products)
  • Prototype fabrication, small-scale production, characterization
  • Feasibility and market analyses
  • Workshops, seminars, trainings
  • Technology consulting and transfer

Available technologies and processes


Silicon direct bonding, anodic bonding, glass frit bonding, eutectic bonding, adhesive bonding, thermo-compression bonding, laser assisted bonding, reactive bonding


Si, glass, ceramic, metal, special materials, joints (e.g. Si-glass, glass-glass, Si-Si)

Chip bonding

Flip-Chip, Chip-to-Chip (C2C), Chip-to-Wafer (C2W), Multi-Chip-Module (MCM), Chip-on-Board (COB), Surface-mounting technology (SMT)

Wire bonding

Bonding with thin and thick wires (32…250 µm), ultrasonic bonding, thermo-compression bonding, thermosonic bonding

Surface modification

Surface activation with CMP and plasma

Surface structuring

Wet/dry etching, laser structuring, nano structuring, nano lawn, reactive nano layer systems, nano-imprint lithography, micro molding

Layer deposition

PLD, PVD, ECD, spray coating, spin coating, screen printing, aerosol jet printing, dispensing


Hermeticity, bond strength, IR inspection, SAM, REM, FIB, EDX