Business Unit »Process, Device and Packaging Technologies«

With digital models we support development and optimization of novel fabrication processes for semiconductor and nano-technology. For many chemical (CVD, ALD, ALE) and physical (sputtering) structuring and deposition processes we have calibrated models. We study processes using  digital models from vom wafer-level up to the details of complex 3D-micro- und nanostructures. By this we can predict film-geometries or –composition within challenging structures or to optimize processes to achive the desired filme geometry. Atomistic und physiko-chemical models complement our digital process model portfolio from the individual process to complete technologies.
For the simulation of materials and devices we offer advanced methodology on all relevant length scales – from atom to device. Using our material models we can predict how processes determine the materials structure as well as the properties of fabriacted devices. For this we rely on atomically defined materials-structure-models which we link to electronic property models. We have long standing expertise in classical semiconductors lile Si, Ge, or SiGe as well as with carbon electronics or nanowires-based devices.
With our partners and customers we develop novel models for the digital prototyping of fabrication processes and devices. Model calibration and refernence experiments are planned in all our projects to achieve reliable predictions by simulation.


Simulation of Devices


Simulation of Processes