Test and Reliability Solutions

The Business Unit "Test and Reliability Solutions" sees itself as a holistic provider for research and development in the field of testing and reliability of components and systems. From design, modeling, and simulation to test methods and end-of-life predictions, as well as data-based methods, we support customers with comprehensive solutions for their complex questions. We accompany our customers throughout the entire transfer process until market readiness (lab-to-fab).

In addition, we support our internal and external partners with software and hardware solutions for data analysis, evaluation, and visualization using modern algorithms, such as those from machine learning or computer vision.

The "Reliability" team focuses on the complex challenges of reliability in new solutions in the field of electronics and smart systems integration. The team comprehensively explores and incorporates the interplay of all levels (materials, processes, components, systems, and applications) in the analysis and optimization of reliability.


Data-based Methods

The "Data-based Methods" team focuses on:

  • Acceleration through AI: Utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to enhance and accelerate various processes and tasks 
  • Sensor-based data fusion: Integrating and combining data from multiple sensors to extract more accurate and comprehensive information.