Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, Germany  /  June 22, 2022  -  June 24, 2022

ILA Berlin Air Show 2022

about ILA Berlin Air Show 2022


hall 1 (International Supplier Center) / booth 260

Fraunhofer ENAS shows at this year's ILA Berlin Air Show at the Hydrogeneration pavilion in hall 1 together with the Fraunhofer Hydrogen Network its research topics around hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

We introduce inkjet printing technology for the high-rate production of Catalytic Coated Membranes (CCM) used in fuel cells or electrolysers.
Additionally, we present gas sensor technology for the detection of hydrogen, such as tunable infrared filters, metal oxide-based gas sensors or piezoelectric actuators.
For alternative drive concepts, we present a magnetic field sensor for distance sensing in frictionless magnetic bearings for a novel compressor concept.