Messe München  /  March 23, 2022  -  March 24, 2022

LOPEC 2022

leading international platform in the field of printed electronics

Robotergeführter Inkjet-Druck einer Heizleiterstruktur für eine beheizbare Sitzschale: Nahansicht des Druckvorgangs auf der Sitzfläche der Kunststoffsitzschale. Quelle: Fraunhofer ENAS
© Fraunhofer ENAS
Robot-guided inkjet printing of a heating conductor structure for a heatable seat shell: close-up view of the printing process on the seat surface of the plastic seat shell.
CCM auf Folie. Quelle: Fraunhofer ENAS
© Fraunhofer ENAS
CCM on foil.

Fraunhofer ENAS presents technology and prototype development for printed functionalities at LOPEC 2022.

The focus is on the functionalization of 3D components. Among other things, robot-guided inkjet printing is used for this. At the booth, the setup of a robot with an inkjet print head and a prototype manufactured with it - a printed heating structure for stadium seat shells - will be shown.
Other topics include the development of printed catalytic layers for fuel cells and electrolyzers, printed Bluetooth labels and batteries.
For new technologies in packaging, we will present the use of the polymer Parylene for high-barrier layers or ultra-thin flexible printed circuit boards and a new clean room laboratory with extensive printing processes.


Oral Presentation

Prof. Dr. Ralf Zichner, head of department Printed Functionalities at Fraunhofer ENAS, will present technology development and application examples for printed electronics on 3D objects at the exhibitor forum on Mar 24 at 12:00 pm.
More about the exhibitor forum can be found on the LOPEC website.



The consortium of the MOLOKO project invites to a free workshop on March 23, from 9 am - 1 pm. The project partners will report on the topic "Organic photonics as a key technology for optical biosensors for food safety/quality." Fraunhofer ENAS will present microfluidic modules for smart systems integration in biosensors.
For full agenda and registration information, please visit the MOLOKO project website. Our project partner Warrant Hub S.p.A. will present the project at LOPEC 2022.