Tokyo Big Sight, Japan  /  January 29, 2020  -  January 31, 2020

MEMS Sensing & Network System 2020

Business Matching for the Next Generation of Sensing Technologies.

At this year's MEMS Sensing & Network System, Fraunhofer ENAS together with the Center for Microtechnologies at Chemnitz University of Technology and the Fraunhofer Project Center "NEMS/MEMS devices and manufacturing technologies" at Tohoku University in Sendai will present the following topics:

Sensor systems based on flexible electronic components

As a highlight, the research institute will present a sensor system for agriculture for monitoring soil temperature and moisture. The demonstrator shows a low-cost wireless
soil sensor for agriculture and storage of agriculture products. The manufacturing of the components such as batteries, antennas and circuits is mainly based on scalable printing technologies on organic substrates. Compostable and inert materials like cellulose, PVA, PLA, MnO2, Zn, Ag, Al, Si, Al2O3 are used for printing. A thin parylene layer protects the electronic components against humidity and other environmental influences. In the future, these technologies will be the basis for completely biodegradable or inert electronic sensor systems.

Other flexible sensors such as a printed humidity sensor on foil and a pH sensor on a parylene substrate are introduced.

Acoustic systems and ultrasonic transducers

The researchers present two principles of ultrasonic transducers - CMUTs and PMUTs. CMUTs are capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers and PMUTs are based on a piezoelectric measuring principle.

Optical sensor systems based on nanostructured surfaces

A tunable Fabry-Pérot interferometer with nanostructured reflectors and an IR shutter with nanostructured membrane will be shown at the booth as well as black coating made of carbon nanotubes for IR devices.

Furthermore, visitors can learn about packaging of high-precision sensor systems and various sensors such as GMR magnetic field sensors, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes.