MEMS Technology Platforms

Business Unit » Process, Device and Packaging Technologies«

Our established technology platforms for capacitive and piezoelectric microsystems on 6" wafer size are used for the fabrication of demonstrators and prototypes up to small series (TRL 6... 8) and are constantly evolving. They are also available for use by our partners at the Center for Microtechnologies at Chemnitz University of Technology, the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) and memsfab GmbH.

Based on proven design rules, designs from our own development projects as well as customer-specific layouts can be realized. Furthermore, technology transfer projects can be actively supported.

Current application examples are precise and energy-efficient sensors for acceleration, vibration, rotation rate, fluid sensors, ultrasonic transducers, pressure sensors and micro-optical components (e.g. optical filters and scanners).

The focus of research and development is put on the integration of nanostructures and new materials, the expansion to 8" wafer size and the continuous expansion of the technology portfolio. 


Piezoelectric Microsystems


Bonding and Deep RIE


Airgap Insulated Microstructures


Membrane based Devices


Bulk Technologies