Data-based Methods

Business Unit »Test and Reliability Solutions«

As a cross-sectional team at Fraunhofer ENAS, we support the other business units, the fab management and external project partners with software and hardware solutions for data analysis, evaluation and visualization using modern algorithms, e.g. from the fields of machine learning or computer vision.

We combine the expertise available at Fraunhofer ENAS in the fields of physics simulation and technology with data science concepts. This includes the digitalization of our cleanroom processes and process chains based on the MES connection of the process equipment and measuring devices. We also use data management concepts and digital twins to save the technologists work with intelligent automation of evaluations.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS is the specialist and development partner in the field of smart systems and their integration for a wide range of applications. The intelligent and highly networked systems connect not only the individual components of electronics, sensors, actuators with interfaces for data communication but  integrate also data handling i.e. data evaluation, data analysis and prognostic predictions. Our team supports sensor-related data fusion through data-driven models and methods, the creation of super-fast AI-based compact models of elaborate simulations, and hardware acceleration through low-power FPGA-based edge devices.

Application scenarios


CMP Demonstrator


Result Interpretation using neural Networks


AI-supported development of electronic systems


Magnetic field based locating method using AI