Nanotechnological Components and Systems

Business Unit » Process, Device and Packaging Technologies«

In the field of nano systems and components, processes and technologies are developed for the production, integration and application of functional nanostructures. One focus is the integration of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs). These promise to add significant value in electronic systems, as they inherently have low energy consumption, exceptional sensitivity for bio-, optical and mechanical sensing, and even enable highly efficient electronic components. However, new functionalities rely on conventional system architectures such as CMOS-based ASICs with increasing complexity. Fraunhofer ENAS is developing technological solutions for heterogeneous integration of CNT-based devices to meet the highest demands of semiconductor manufacturing. There are modular solutions for integrated CNT-based field-effect transistors, integrated hardware security (physical unconable function) as well as integrated sensor arrays.

Another focus is the fabrication and integration of spintronic devices. For more than 10 years Fraunhofer ENAS has been active in the field of magnetic field sensors based on the GMR (giant magnetoresistance) or TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) effect, focusing on sensors with multidimensional sensitivity. For the realization of a multitude of conceivable applications such as the determination of electrical current, positions, distances or rotational movements in the industrial environment or the automotive sector, Fraunhofer ENAS offers research and development services in order to optimize the sensors for the respective application. In addition to device expertise, we also offer support for the integration of the ultra-thin multilayer stacks into existing or new architectures. For this purpose, a variety of process modules as well as extensive measurement technology are available.

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