Microfluidic for Lab-on-Chip Systems

Business Unit »Smart Systems«

Lab-on-chip systems, i.e. small analysis units, are increasingly enabling decentralized measurements of chemical and biochemical parameters. If the systems are additionally portable, they are also referred to as on-site analysis systems. Applications range from human and veterinary diagnostics to food quality and safety to environmental analysis.

Microfluidics is a key technology for miniaturizing and automating the necessary fluid handling. The integrated handling steps include sample preparation (volume determination, dilutions, mixing, purification, DNA isolation, ...), sample processing (provision of reagents, amplification, ...) as well as short- or long-term storage of necessary reagents.

Together with specialized partners within and outside the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we offer support and development services for scaling up the manufacturing of microfluidic systems, optimization of assays for microfluidic systems, reagent storage and assay development.

Our expertise lies in the design and testing of components and systems, prototyping of microfluidic structures in Si, glass, and polymer (tools: cnc milling, laser micromachining, soft lithography). It is covered by our patent portfolio.

Our focus areas include cartridge design and functional integration with unique settings in the areas of:


Biosensor Integration


Assay Integration


Fabrication of microfluidic systems