Design, Simulation and Modeling

We offer application-oriented design starting from the concept via component to device and system, while taking design for reliability into account.



  • Inertial sensors


Materials, processes and equipment for micro and nanoelectronics

  • Multi-scale simulation of thin film deposition (PVD, CVD, ALD, ECD) for process and reactor optimization
  • Simulation of surface chemistry and film growth
  • Structural, thermal, mechanical and electronical properties of thin films and nano materials


Electronics and communication

  • Analog and digital circuits and mixed signal
  • PCB layout
  • Basic software programming
  • RF circuit design
  • Antenna design for data and energy transmission


Electrical and multi-physical systems

  • Electro-mechanical coupling
  • Modeling, simulation and measurement of parasitic electromagnetic effects
  • Structural analyses
  • Thermo-mechanical induced packaging stress
  • Chip, packages, modules, PCB


Micro and nano devices and systems

  • Thermal and electrical simulation of ULSI interconnect systems
  • TCAD simulation of strained ULSI transistors
  • Multi-scale modeling of CNT FETs
  • Ab initio simulation of electron transport in nanostructures
  • Modeling of sensors based on nanomaterials
  • Mask design, layout, technology support
  • Electromagnetic simulations of antennas and systems
  • Methodologies for multi-scale modeling of NEMS
  • Electromagnetic simulations of RF MEMS components


Fluidic systems

  • Liquid-based microfluidic systems
  • Gas-based microfluidic actuators



  • Analysis, assessment and prediction of reliability
    • Mechanical and thermoelectromechanical
    • Crack and fracture modeling
    • Multi-field effects
    • Validation via coupling of simulation and experiments
  • Fracture and damage mechanics (mm ... sub-nm)
    • Cohesive zone modeling (CZM)
    • Extended FEM (X-FEM)
  • Life-time prognosis
  • Virtual prototyping, robustness analysis and optimization
  • Electromagnetic reliability analysis
  • Near field localization of hot spots
  • Near field/far field transformation