Simulation of Processes

Business Unit » Process, Device and Packaging Technologies«

The simulation of technological processes in semiconductor industry (PVD, CVD, ALP, ECD) is a powerful tool to develop new and optimize established processes and equipment. By combining our own software tools with established fluid dynamic simulation methods and quantum chemistry, Fraunhofer ENAS is able to simulate and model processes starting from waferlevel, deposition in small structures up to surface chemistry.

  • Simulation of vapor deposion
  • Simulation of surface reactions
  • Atomistic process simulation
  • Application example: sputter processes
  • Application example: atomic layer processing

Application scenarios


Simulation Models for Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors


Simulation of Silicon Epitaxy for 22 nm FD-SOI Technology within the Project MOMENTUM


Multi Scale Simulation of Atomic Layer Deposition


Process and Equipment Simulation of Chemical Vapor Deposition


Simulation of Pulsed Electrochemical Copper Deposition in Through Silicon Vias with High Aspect Ratio


Simulation of Barrier/Seed Deposition for the Metallization of 28 nm CMOS Devices


Simulation of the Dielectrophoretic Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes


Reactor Scale Simulation of ALD Processes


Parsivald - A New Tool for the Simulation of Thin Film Growth


Experimental and Theoretical Inveatigations on a Plasma Assisted in situ Restoration Process for ULK Dielectrics