Printed, flexible and hybrid electronics

Business Unit »Smart Systems«

Our manufacturing technology expertise

  • Printing technologies: Inkjet, screen printing, gravure printing, dispensing 
  • Cleanroom-free, continuous roll-to-roll and sheet-fed process 
  • Printing on 3D components 
  • Placement of SMD components on printed circuit boards

Examples of our demonstrator expertise

Printed conductive traces

Printed conductive traces, wiring harness segments, and antennas on 3D objects

Printed signal lines on 3D objects

Printed antenna 2.45 GHz

Printed antenna 868 MHz on 3D objects (RFID application)

Wireless smart sensor system

Printed capacitors, diodes, transistors, and resistors

Custom printed batteries and their integration

Printed EMI shielding

Conductive traces on deformable materials

Printed heating conductors

Printed heating elements on 3D objects