Smart Systems

The »Smart Systems« business unit sees itself as a pioneer in the development of innovative sensors and actuators and their integration into application-oriented systems. The aim of the research is to realize these systems through novel components based on future-oriented technologies, which significantly expand the state of the art with intelligent system integration and are tailored to the requirements of the respective users.

The business unit focuses on the following topics:


Inertial Components and Systems

One focus is the development of high-precision, silicon-based sensors for measuring acceleration, vibration, inclination and rotation rate as well as combined sensor systems. The entire value chain is covered, from the design of MEMS elements or system design to technology development, prototype production, characterization and system testing.


Optical Components and Systems

The R&D focus is on spectral sensors, controllable filters (FPIs), wavelength-selective emitters and absorbers (metamaterials), flexible light source arrays (quantum dots, QDs), and miniaturized spectrometer systems for hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and hyperspectral LIDAR with end-use applications for consumer, automotive, medical, and agriculture.


Hybrid and Wireless Sensors und Systems

The focus of research and development is on holistic solutions for the areas of smart farming (environmentally friendly sensors) and smart power (monitoring of supply networks, wireless power supply to sensor and actuator systems) as well as structurally integrable, wireless sensor systems for industrial applications and the digitalization of production.


RF Components and Systems

In the field of  RF components (RF MEMS switches, tunable capacitors, reconfigurable phase shifters, micro-coils), RF circuits and PCBs are designed, technologies for the implementation of RF MEMS- are developed and laboratory samples as well as prototypes are manufactured. As a test service, RF parameters are characterized at the wafer, component and module level.


Acoustic Components

Fraunhofer ENAS researches and develops miniaturized ultrasonic transducers based on silicon micromechanics. In addition to the sensor elements, the focus is on the overall system development as well as the transducer integration into an application environment.


Printed Functionalities

We are your competent partner for research and development services in the field of printed functionalities. This includes the application fields of printed, flexible, and hybrid electronics, as well as the application fields of catalytic coatings CCM/MEA for electrolyzers and fuel cells. Our portfolio includes the development of manufacturing and product technologies.


Medical Systems and Smart Health

Our developments focus on the applications in conjunction with technical and technological aspects, particularly on the utilization of micro- and nanotechnologies for use in medical technology, especially in diagnostics.