Corporate Strategy

Cross-Functional Topics

Corporate strategy combines Marketing/PR, call screening and roadmap development. Corporate strategy directly supports the management of the institute in the alignment of scientific and technical topics and aims for sustainable development. Roadmaps for the technical work are derived from the results of market analyses and trends and from national and European funding instruments and government programs as well as from the requirements of clients and partners. Newly identified research fields are analyzed and, if necessary, initial projects are coordinated.

For inquiries regarding research and development services as well as scientific and technical services, Corporate Strategy is a contact point for potential partners and supports them in the compilation of the relevant technical working groups and, if necessary, in the application for financial resources within the framework of publicly funded projects.

Corporate Strategy coordinates the planning and implementation of major projects together with the partner institutes of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD), with other research partners and in particular with the Chemnitz University of Technology.