The particular strength of the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS lies in the development of smart systems for various applications. These systems combine electronic components with nano and micro sensors as well as actuators, communication units and self-sufficient power supply. Furthermore, smart systems are equipped with the ability to respond to each other, to identify one another and work in consortia. Hence, they form the base for the internet of things.

The research and product portfolio covers single components, manufacturing technologies and system concepts, system integration technologies and transfers them into production. Fraunhofer ENAS offers research and development services from the idea, via design and technology development or realization based on established technologies up to tested prototypes. If standard components do not meet the requirements, Fraunhofer ENAS provides prompt help in the realization of innovative and marketable products and helps to transfer them into production.

Application areas are i. a. semiconductor industry (equipment and material manufacturer), aeronautics, automotive industry, communication technology, the security sector, logistics, medical as well as mechanical engineering.

In order to focus the activities and to ensure a long term scientific and economic success, Fraunhofer ENAS has defined five business units:

         Micro and Nanoelectronics

         Sensor and Actuator Systems

         Technologies and Systems for Smart Power and Mobility

         Technologies and Systems for Smart Health

         Technologies and Systems for Smart Production

They address different markets, different customers and moreover, different stages of the value chain depending on the required research and development services.

From an organizational point of view Fraunhofer ENAS is subdivided into the departments Advanced System Engineering, Back-End of Line, Micro Materials Center, Multi Device Integration, Printed Functionalities, System Packaging, and Administration. The headquarters of Fraunhofer ENAS are located in Chemnitz. The department Advanced System Engineering is working in Paderborn. Additionally, the department Micro Materials Center has a project group working in Berlin-Adlershof.