Cross-Functional Topics

Reliability and artificial intelligence play a key role in the work on the topics in the three business units Process, Device & Packaging Technologies, Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Systems, and Systems and Applications. These topics are driven forward synergistically across all business units by the functional teams Reliability and Artificial Intelligence.

With the Institute view, we address the core topics of Preliminary Research, Fab Management and Corporate Strategy, which are relevant as overlapping topics for all organizational units of the Institute.

The Functional Team Reliability is dedicated to the complex reliability challenges of new solutions in the field of electronics and smart systems integration. The interplay between all levels (material, process, component, system and application) is comprehensively researched and included in the analysis and optimization of reliability.


Artificial Intelligence

The Functional Team Artificial Intelligence is focused on:

  • Acceleration through AI
  • Sensor-based data fusion

Preliminary Research

The focus in the area of Preliminary Research is on the academic development of the institute, scientific expertise, and the development of future research and application fields in a broader time horizon.



The Fab management encompasses the planning, organization, implementation and control of cleanroom processes, with the aim of optimizing quality, costs and time.


Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy directly supports the institute's management in the orientation of scientific and technical topics and aims at sustainable development:

  • Trend analyses
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Coordination of planning and implementation of major projects