Fraunhofer ENAS maintains a close cooperation with the Chemnitz University of Technology especially with the Center for Microtechnologies (ZfM) of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Both facilities share their infrastructure including laboratories, clean rooms and equipment.


Clean rooms

The building of Fraunhofer ENAS possesses 1400 m2 of laboratories including 380 m2 of improved cleanness.

The ZfM facilities include a 1000 m² cluster of clean rooms (300 m2 of them are class ISO 4). Modern equipment is installed for processing wafers as well as design and testing laboratories.

  • Substrates                            
    • Size:                150 mm, 200 mm
    • Material:          silicon, glass (on request: ceramics, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, sapphire, silicon carbide and germanium)


Chemnitz Inkjet Technikum

Fraunhofer ENAS and the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology of Chemnitz University of Technology jointly operate the Chemnitz Inkjet Technikum to offer a wide range of research and development services in the field of digital inkjet printing of functional inks. With extensive research experience in the field of printed functionalities, such as RFID antennas, batteries and hierarchically structured membranes, the Inkjet Technikum is an ideal partner for beginners and for parties seeking for support in basic research, new applications and lab-to-fab transfer.