The Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS is the expert and development partner in the field of Smart Systems and their integration for a wide range of applications. We offer innovative solutions and support customer projects along the entire value chain of intelligent systems.

From the idea to the design, technology development or implementation based on existing technologies, to the tested prototype and technology transfer, Fraunhofer ENAS is a reliable innovation partner for start-ups, SMEs, or large companies. In addition to technology development and Smart Sensor Systems, the institute focuses on the development of application demonstrators as part of upstream product development.

We develop high-precision sensors, new sensor and actuator systems based on integrated nanostructures and standard technologies, beyond CMOS devices, innovative integration technologies, advanced reliability concepts, and complement them with innovative approaches in the areas of simulation, data analysis with artificial intelligence, or system security. Through requirement engineering, we adapt the systems for different applications and embed them in more complex overarching systems.

To focus our activities, Fraunhofer ENAS places emphasis on the three business units that are set up along the value chain of Smart Systems:

  • Process, Device and Packaging Technologies
  • Smart Systems
  • Test and Reliability Solutions