Printed Functionalities

Business Unit »Smart Systems«

We are your competent partner for research and development services in the field of printed functionalities. This includes the application fields of printed, flexible, and hybrid electronics, as well as the application fields of catalytic coatings CCM/MEA for electrolyzers and fuel cells. Our portfolio includes the development of manufacturing and product technologies.


Printed, flexible and hybrid electronics


Printed Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM) / MEA for their application in fuel cells and electrolyzers


Printing machine park

Research and development services

  • Adaptation of printing technologies (material selection and process technologies) for the production of printed products according to customer requirements 
  • Knowledge transfer of existing printing technologies for functional printing (roll and sheet-fed printing), their application and implementation (e.g. printed, flexible and hybrid electronics) 
  • Design and demonstrator production of printed components (CCM/MEA, conductive traces, electrodes, antennas, batteries, sensors, resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, protective layers, etc.) according to customer request 
  • Product and circuit design including prototyping of printed, flexible and hybrid electronics 
  • Investigation of printability of various inks with selected printing technologies 
  • Conducting printing tests according to customer request: 
    • Roll printing (roll-to-roll) and sheet-fed printing | Screen printing, gravure printing, and inkjet printing 
    • Printing of 3D objects using inkjet and dispenser 
  • Characterization of printed functional layers (surface and electrical properties): µXRF, SEM analysis, tactile profilometry, 4-point measurement, current carrying capacity measurement, high-frequency properties, etc. 
  • Characterization of printed components (CCM/MEA, conductive traces, electrodes, antennas, batteries, resistors, etc.) 
  • Placement of SMD components on printed circuit boards