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LOPEC 2021

Trade fair and conference for printed electronics

Robot-assisted inkjet printing on 3D objects
© Ines Escherich
Robot-assisted inkjet printing on 3D objects
Printed heating structures
© Fraunhofer ENAS
Printed heating structures

Fraunhofer ENAS presents research and development results of printed functionalities, production technologies and applications at the digital LOPEC 2021. For the focus topic mobility we show robot-assisted printing technologies for 3D surfaces and present printed heating structures, antennas and fuel cell components. For the packaging of microsystems, learn more about the application of aerosol jet printing technology.


Technology Highlights

Robot-assisted inkjet printing of functional materials (electrically conductive, semiconductive and dielectric inks) on any type of 3D object represents a novel competence of Fraunhofer ENAS. This allows the manufacturing of e.g. conductive tracks, antennas, electrodes, sensors as well as heating structures. It is also possible to produce additional functional layers on arbitrary 3D surfaces by means of inkjet printing. We would be pleased to help you to make your product ideas become reality.

Fraunhofer ENAS can supply Aerosol Jet Printing (AJP) for fabrication of non-planar electrical chip interconnects in order to fabricate 3D-integrated System in a Package (SiP) including i.e. MEMS, ASIC onto substrates. 3D-stacked multi-chip modules with small footprints can be functional connected by AJP after single chips are mounted to substrates using underfiller adhesives. With high level in freedom of design, high-resolution printing and small footprint this approach could support rapid prototyping of highly individualizes System Packages as a pre-stage for pure 3D generative fabrication of System Packages.



Our portfolio includes manufacturing technologies as well as design, prototyping and characterization of various functional printing applications. Particularly noteworthy are the application examples »printed heating structure«, »printed catalytic layers for the realization of a catalytic coded membrane (CCM)« and »printed antenna systems for any communication requirements (WiFi, bluetooth low energy, RFID, ...)«. We are happy to support you in the development and implementation of your applications.

Aerosol Jet Printing in combination with room temperature parylene coating can be applied by Fraunhofer ENAS to realize new approaches for multilayer redistribution layers on topographic substrates. Laser ablation enables fine features and through polymer vias were achieved. The parylene deposition gives highly conformal coatings with good insulation properties, is void free and biocompatible. Towards 3D integration this approach is highly promising and when using all biocompatible materials, medical products like intelligent patches or implants could profit from this technology.