Portfolio Overview

Research and development service portfolio

Fraunhofer ENAS provides services in the development of single processes, complete technologies, components as well as systems depending on the needs of each customer:

  • Design, technology, simulation, modeling and test of MEMS/NEMS
  • Integration of nano functionalities, e. g. CNTs, quantum dots, spintronics, memristors
  • Methods and technologies for wafer-to-wafer and chip-to-wafer bonding
  • Metallization: interconnect systems for micro and nanoelectronics and 3D integration
  • Beyond CMOS technologies
  • Simulation and modeling of devices, processes and equipment for micro and nano systems
  • Material and reliability research
  • Analytics for materials, processes, components and systems
  • High-performance / high-precision sensors and actuators
  • Development of printed functionalities for electronic applications
  • Application-specific wireless data and energy systems
  • Development of microfluidic systems and biosensor integration
  • Sensor and actuator systems with control units, integrated electronics, embedded software and user interface
  • Reliability of components and systems

Within this service brochure, all processes, technologies and technology services, which are currently available, are listed. Any other materials than the ones listed within this brochure are available on customer request. The listed components are examples of developed demonstrators and prototypes and can be further developed on customer demand.

Benefit from our wide-ranging research and development network as well as our cooperation arrangements with renowned international research institutes and universities.