Inertial Components and Systems

Business Unit »Smart Systems«

One focus of the research and development work of Fraunhofer ENAS is in the field of inertial sensor technology for various applications, customer-oriented, innovative and highly precise. In projects together with industry, customer-specific solutions are developed, implemented and tested.

Inertial sensors measure acceleration, inclination or even angular velocity ( in free space, without the need for an external reference.) Through the co-design of micromechanics and microtechnology, we create innovative sensors that significantly exceed the state of the art.

Fraunhofer ENAS is involved in the design of the micromechanical components, the continuous development of MEMS technologies, the system architecture for the respective sensors, the characterization of MEMS sensors on wafer and chip level as well as the characterization and calibration of the complete sensor systems up to the data processing and development of suitable algorithms for the processing of different sensor signals.

Our sensor systems are developed in close cooperation with our partners and are individually adapted to the respective needs of our customers and partners. The development and production of the integrated circuits is carried out by our cooperation partners. The MEMS themselves are manufactured in the Chemnitz clean rooms up to small series. If required and with the appropriate boundary conditions, they can be transferred to foundry lines. In recent years, various demonstrators for the respective sensor systems have been developed.


Acceleration Sensors


Vibration Sensors


High Precision MEMS Angular Rate Sensor