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What does Fraunhofer do?

A brief introduction to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, its mission and services for industry and society

What kind of collaboration with Fraunhofer is possible?

From single orders to complex, large-scale projects and strategic partnerships, cooperation with Fraunhofer knows no limits. Our partners benefit from the extensive network of Fraunhofer scientists.

What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?

Fraunhofer assists companies in the development, optimization and market introduction of products and processes.

What do potential customers want to know about Fraunhofer?

Anyone considering a cooperation with Fraunhofer for the first time will have a lot of questions. We would like, briefly, to answer the most important ones.

Contact information for your project inquiries

Contacts for the following topics: Microelectronics / 3D integration / CNT, Silicon-based MEMS/NEMS / high precision sensors and actuators, Polymer-based MEMS / Multi Device Integration, System Packaging, Reliability of Systems and Components / Micro Materials Center, Printed Functionalities , SUPA-Technology / Near field scanning

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