FAB Management

Cross-Functional Topics

The FAB management includes the planning, organization and implementation as well as control of the processes in the clean room and thus has the optimization of quality, costs and time as its goal.

Fraunhofer ENAS operates a focus cleanroom for the apron development and fabrication of MEMS (non CMOS compatible) and nanodevices on 150 and 200 mm substrates within the framework of the Research Factory Microelectronics Germany. The balancing act between research and, in part, small series production poses special challenges for the FAB management. The introduction of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is decisive for the achievement of the above-mentioned goal. The MES transparently presents information on the material processing status, throughput times and quality status. Through the accompanying machine integration, process data as well as machine data are also recorded and processed and used for statistical process control (SPC). This is a prerequisite for higher process and system stability and thus contributes to quality assurance. Research developments in particular can thus be transferred more quickly to a higher TRL.

In addition, the MES links all cleanrooms of the FMD institutes and enables a standardized exchange of substrates and data. This opens up the technological diversity of wafer processing and its use for all institutes. For our customers in particular, the cross-institute coordination and use of equipment and processes ensures low-threshold access to high technology.


Inline Metrology and Process Data