Analytics and Characterization

Business Unit »Test and Reliability Solutions«

The basis for many analytical and simulative investigations as well as checks on lifetime and reliability is a sound knowledge of the behavior of materials and knowledge of material parameters. Miniaturizing components and assemblies and the steadily increasing complexity of superstructures, the demands on materials and component testing are also increasing. In addition to the development and optimization of experimental procedures for the determination of material data, the development of methods for the extended evaluation of the acquired measurement data also plays a major role. The research topics of the Analytics and Characterization group are cross-disciplinary and often driven by the research backgrounds of the Durability Assessment and Modeling and Simulation groups.

Development of Experimental Setups:

  • Combination of measurement devices and tools to generate cross-scale information
  • Cross-scale material investigation
  • Good representation of reality within the experiment
  • Acceleration of experiments to map loading conditions.

Development of Methods:

  • Optimization concerning resolution limits, process speeds
  • Extension of the information that can be obtained from experiments
  • Cross-scale material investigation.

Projects in the field of analytics and characterization:

  • NanoEis+
  • Trace.

All groups of the Functional Team Reliability work closely together to optimize experiments and their evaluation as well as to be able to generate improvement suggestions for Smart Systems components and applications.