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RF MEMS Switch Test.
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RF MEMS Switch Test.

MEMS components for RF, microwave and mm-wave applications are of particular interest when RF circuitry requires parameters that cannot be achieved with semiconductor RF components, especially in terms of extremely high signal frequencies (> 20 GHz), very good nonlinearity (IIP3 > 50 dBm) and high signal power (> 20 dBm). RF-MEMS switches, tunable capacitors, reconfigurable phase shifters and micro-coils are the focus of the work here.

RF-MEMS components are fabricated at Fraunhofer ENAS together with cooperation partners in 3D bulk micromechanical technology and in SOI and cavity SOI technology as single components for direct integration into circuits. The electrostatic actuation of moving parts leads to the desired variation of the RF characteristic (switching state, capacitance, phase shift).

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RF MEMS Switch

RF MEMS Characterization