Component Integration#

Hybrid integration on flexible substrates

Innovative Waferbonding Processes#

Nanoscale multilayer structure for wafer bonding

Surface Structuring#

Nanostructures produced by Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL)

Department System Packaing - Research Fields

Assembly and connection technology for MEMS / NEMS

The focus of the applied research of department System Packaging are technologies both for the packaging of MEMS and NEMS in different packaging levels (wafer level, chip level, board level) and dimensions (2D, 3D) as well as for printing or micro- and nanostructuring of surfaces in microsystems technology. In addition to the standard wafer bonding methods such as silicon direct bonding, anodic, eutectic, adhesive and glass frit bonding also more novel wafer bonding methods such as laser assisted bonding, reactive bonding as well as low temperature and thermo-compression bonding are investigated and developed for specific fields of application. All wafer bonding techniques are characterized in terms of bonding quality, strength and hermiticity to ensure their suitability for certain applications.

Research Fields#

Wafer to Wafer Bonding

Permanent or temporary joining methods for the connection of two or more wafers with and without intermediate layer.

3D / MEMS Packaging

Application-oriented systems integration and characterzation

Printing Technologies

Additive Materialtransfer for fabrication of Microelectronics and integrated 3D-printed electronics

MEMS applications

Solutions, ranging from the zero level packaging on wafer level up to the module or board level

Biocompatible Packaging

Biocompatible layers | Encapsulation technologies for medical implants | Biodegradable materials and components

Characterization of bonding

Destruction-free inspection (IR, SAM) | Microstructure analysis (REM, EDX, FIB) | Hermeticity | Strength

Electrochemical Deposition

Separation of special materials

Nanoimprint Lithography

Nanoscaled Patterns for Optics/Photonics, Biology/Biotechnology and new functionalities within microelectronics

Parylene based Packaging

Biocompatible Thin Film Encapsulation