Research Field: MEMS applications

Solutions, ranging from the zero level packaging on wafer level up to the module or board level

Today, micro and nano systems (MEMS/NEMS) are integrated in many advanced, intelligent products. Automotive industry integrates MEMS acceleration sensors as safety related control systems for air bags. Other MEMS devices are used in high end equipment to measure and analyze medical parameters as well as in consumer electronics to enable cheap telecommunication or assist printing of high quality pictures. Over the las decade, micro and nano systems contributed to a significant leap forward for many products of our daily life. However, the involved manufacturing processes such as packaging remain unknown to a vast majority. In particular, the integration technologies enable a significant reduction of the manufacturing cost on one side, while on the other side new innovative technologies provide the basis for a more complex system integration. The improvement and optimization of properties and reliability of MEMS/NEMS devices, the reduction of manufacturing cost, and a further miniaturization can also be achieved by using new materials, which also requires suitable and reliable integration technology.

To increase the efficiency of MEMS development, packaging aspects have to be considered from the design phase up to the volume production. The department System Packaging provides and improves solutions, ranging from the zero level packaging on wafer level up to the module or board level.