Printing Technologies

The research and development in the field of electronics and sensors is mainly driven by its steadily increasing demand of miniaturization and complexity. Applications like micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) or mico opto electro mechanical systems (MOEMS) have to be integrated in single packages. Therefore manufacturing and integration have to be realized by a wide field of technologies with feature sizes down to nano scopic scale. This leads to increased demands of optimized and performance-increasing processes of production regarding efficiency, cost, throughput, energy consumption or raw-material input.  Thereby also 3D-Integration technologies for electronic components gain momentum and play an increasingly important role with special demands to involved production processes. To meet these demands of market to production and development, especially printing technologies come into field with its flexibility, scalability, configurability and versatility and are complementary used to traditional material transfer technologies like lithography or spin coating.

The department System Packaging uses contact less direct writing technology Aerosol Jet Printing and mask based screen printing in order to be able to offer efficient solutions for complex, high performing and highly integrated packages. Whether electrical interconnects, joined electronic components or functional surface coatings – fields of application for printing technologies Aerosol Jet Printing and Screen Printing within the field of system packing are wide spread.

Screen Printing

Aerosol Jet Printing

Conductive structures printed by Aerosol-Jet on polymer substrate

Screen-printing on silicon wafer