Research Field 3D/MEMS Packaging

Application-oriented systems integration and characterzation

Fraunhofer ENAS is one of the world’s leading institutes in the field of MEMS packaging on wafer and component level. The wafer level MEMS package has to provide the access to desired media that should be measured (e.g. liquids, gases, light) while denying access to undesired external influences. Packaging technologies can be applied to passive elements like inertial or gas sensors and can be used in the area of active elements such as micro mirrors and printing heads. With advancing system integration, electronic components have to be integrated into the microsystem as well. For that reason, the department System Packaging not only focuses on hybrid integration on chip level but also on wafer level integration. In such vertical stacks, particularly the effects of various connection technologies on materials and on the electrical and thermal behavior of the overall system have to be considered.  Precise instruments and evaluation guidelines are available for characterizing and evaluating the technologies regarding hermeticity, strength and other values of interest.



Permanent and temporary Bonding-technologies for bonding of wafer-substrates. 


Chip-to-Wafer- & Chip-to-Chip Bonding

Functional blocks are integrated two-dimensionally in a system package.


3D Integration

Mechanical and electrical connects (TSV, TGV)


Carriers, interposers and flexible substrates

Hybride integration onto diverse special substrates


Temporary wafer bonding and wafer thinning

Thin wafer handling with enhanced mechanical stability due to temporary bonding