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Electromagnetic and thermomechanic characterization and reliability evaluation#

Micro and Nanoelectronics

Electromagnetic and thermomechanic characterization and reliability evaluation#

This topic addresses back-end of line components, chip-package interaction and reliability assessment of board and system level. Both, the thermomechanical reliability analysis and optimal layout for electronic components, devices and systems and simulative thermoelectrical reliability on a system (PCB) and package level, are addressed.

Application examples and scenarios#

Automatized Measurement of Micromagnets on Wafer-Level in Close Distance

New possibilities for lifetime testing

Reliability optimization of innovative design techniques of power electronic systems

Combined experimental-numerical methods for thermo-mechanical system reliability

Thermomechanical reliability aspects of high temperature interconnects by transient liquid phase soldering

Multiscale residual stress analysis in thin film layers

Systemic and longterm effects on the reliability of soldered joints for future mobility

Parameter identification by nanoindenter

New simulation approach: reliability analysis applying CZM for 3D packages

High precision deformation measurements in multi-scale applications – a verification methodology for simulation-based reliability predictions

Measurement of intrinsic stresses using FIB equipment becomes a method of regular industrial practice

Longterm reliability testing under field conditions and evaluation of acceleration factors

Reliability optimization for the next generation of LED-based smart and comfortable lighting solutions