Carriers, interposers and flexible substrates

Si interposer to enable 3D sensing of the earth's magnetic field with lowest height of 1 mm

Carriers, interposers and flexible substrates

Hybride integration onto diverse special substrates

For smart systems integration and More-than-Moore technologies the implementation of several components is necessary for reaching a higher functionality and smaller system dimensions. Therefore special substrates, e. g. flexible ones or even interposer made from Silicon, Glass, and Ceramics could be used for mounting and connecting sensors, actuators, and electronics as chips or chip-sized-packages.


Within 3D integration for smart systems Silicon and Glass interposer are of increasing importance. One main reason is the possibility to adapt different design and technology rules from microelectronics and MEMS processes. With interposers a redistribution of interconnects could be realized and at least a chip sized package (CSP) with different components is enabled.