Technologies and Systems for Smart Power and Mobility

Reliability of power electronics/modules in electric cars

A further aspect is the development of methods to analyze suspected reliability issues of high power electronics and modules applied in electric vehicles. It offers novel approaches to detect cracks, delamination and overheat situations by computer simulation in advance and as a part of the design procedure of such systems. The methods include the combination of different detrimental effects as like as thermo-mechanical stress and fast change of stress conditions, the combination of load power, temperature change and external mechanical load and vibrations and the experimental evaluation and practical analysis.

Application examples and scenarios


Canary structures based on SMD devices with reduced solder widths for PHM


CosmoDU – Highly integrated industrial motor drive with self-learning capabilities


»Design for Reliability« in radio frequency electronics with alternative interconnection technologies for future smart mobility


Optical in situ analysis of power electronic devices under power cycling conditions


Active and passive thermal cycles for automotive applications


‘Design for Reliability’ in power electronics with new interconnection technologies for future smart mobility and smart energy solutions


Reliability assessment and optimization of a smart drive unit


TRACE – technology readiness for consumer electronics use in automotive applications


Profile optimization of multilayer PCBs in simulation and deformation measurements