Processes and technologies for micro and nanoelectronics
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Processes and technologies for micro and nanoelectronics

Processes and technologies for micro and nanoelectronics#

Micro and Nanoelectronics

Processes and Technologies for Micro and Nanoelectronics with the focus on back-end of line and Interconnects#

The development of individual processes (metal ALD, CVD, PVD, ULK processes, dry etching), novel concepts for diffusion barriers, alternative interconnect architectures for the reduction of parasitic effects and process and technology development for memristor crossbar arrays are the main focus of this topic.

Application examples and scenarios#

New characterization opportunities for surface processing

In situ plasma diagnostics for 7 nm etching processes

Chemical vapor deposition of cobalt oxides at low temperatures

Thermal ALD of metallic copper on cobalt for advanced interconnects

Investigation of ULK etching processes by using plasma diagnostic and correlation analytics

Experimental and theoretical investigations on a plasma-assisted in situ restoration process for ULK dielectrics

Characterization of copper alloys for self-forming barrier applications