Modeling and simulation of technological processes, equipment and devices

Simulation of devices

Modern simulation methods support the development, the design and the optimization of novel devices and circuits of micro and nanoelectronics. Beside established approaches such as TCAD, quantum transport theories and electron structure simulations can be utilized to describe devices and applied materials on all scales.

TCAD and classical device simulation

Quantum transport simulation of nano devices

Calculation of material properties by using ab initio methods

Application example: silicon nano wires

Application example: CNT/graphene-based devices

Event-driven modeling and simulation of mixed-signal circuits

Black box modeling of multi-physical systems


Application examples and scenarios


Simulation of TaN atomic layer deposition for copper diffusion barriers of 28 nm CMOS devices


Device simulations for semiconductor industry and photovoltaics


Simulation of mechanical strain in 22 nm FDSOI devices


Conductance of carbon nanotubes with arbitrary defects


Simulation of devices based on carbon nanotubes


A three-dimensional parameterized simulation model for ULSI transistors with strained source/drain contacts and strained nitride liners