Multi Device Integration

The department Multi Device Integration focusses on the development of innovative sensors and actuators by integrating them into application-oriented systems, whereby the main research topics correlate with different fields of application. The focus particularly lies on components based on NEMS- and MEMS-technologies consisting of silicon, using nanocomposites, ceramics and polymers.

Range of expertise:

  • Problem analysis
  • Design and simulation of components and systems
  • Preparation of manufacture-specific layouts
  • Manufacturing (together with other departments and external partners)
  • Development of algorithms, implementation into firmware
  • Machine learning
  • Test of components and systems in laboratory as well as application-relevant environment

The aim of the research is to realize systems through innovative components based on novel technologies, which significantly enrich the state of the art by use of intelligent system integration. They are also tailored exactly to the users’ needs.

Main Focus of Research


Spectral Technologies and Systems


RF MEMS Switch


Hybrid Sensor Systems


Gas-based Microfluidic Systems


Liquid-based Microfluidic Systems


Inertial sensors


Sensor Integration


Piezo Electric Microsystems