Main Focus of Research

Microfluidics for Lab on a Chip Systems

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Microfluidic structure in glass with via holes

Lab on Chip systems, i.e. small analysis units, are enabling more and more on-site measurement of chemical and biochemical parameters. If the systems are also portable, they are referred to as Point of Care or Point of Need systems. The fields of application for such systems include human and veterinary diagnostics, food safety and quality, as well as environmental analysis.

Microfluidics represents a key technology for the miniaturization and automation of all necessary liquid handling steps. The integrated fluid handling steps include sample preparation (metering, dilution, mixing, purification, DNA isolation,…) and processing (reagent delivery, DNA amplification,…) as well as short and long-term reagent storage.

For disposable systems, Fraunhofer ENAS applies its unique integrated pumping technology in order to achieve highly integrated and smart systems. The developed workflows target a fast and reliable sample-in-answer-out approach.

Research topics

Fraunhofer ENAS provides support and development for the following aspects of Lab on Chip systems:

Together with specialized partners in- and outside the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft we also provide support and development for:

  • Upscaling of Lab on Chip/microfluidic systems fabrication
  • Assay optimization for microfluidic systems
  • Long term reagent storage
  • Assay development


  • Microscopy (upright and inverted)
  • Fluorenscence microscopy (inverted)
  • Manipulators for microscopy
  • High speed camera Olympus iSpeed3, max. 150fps, stand-alone or in combination with microscopy
  • Infrared camera (stand-alone)


  • Laser working station microstruct vario
  • Soft lithography


  • Safety workbench for sterile working conditions
  • Autoclav
  • Syringe pumps, peristalitic pumps, pressure driven pumps


  • Solidworks
  • Python


The Group Fluidic Integration and Systems develops microfluidic system in direct customer contracts as well as in funded projects. Below you find a selection of nationally and internationally funded projects.

MOLOKO - Multiplex phOtonic sensor for pLasmonic-based Online detection of contaminants in milK

PODELA - Kostengünstige, mikrofluidische Point of Care Plattform zur Detektion Vektorübertragener Krankheiten Lateinamerikas

MANTRA - Mastitis test for cows

MIDARDI: Microfluidic based detection of microbial communities and antibiotic responses in the management of diabetic foot ulcers