Main Focus of Research

Spectral technologies and optical systems

Spectral technologies and optical systems are omnipresent in our everyday lives. Accordingly, their applications are diverse and range from simple color sensors to complex laboratory spectrometers, from image sensors for photography to hyperspectral cameras for earth observation using satellites. All of these applications are based on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared or infrared spectral region and the respective different and wavelength-dependent transmission, reflection and absorption properties of the materials.

With our interdisciplinary and in-depth expertise in the field of research and development of spectral sensors and miniaturized spectrometer systems, we are able to cover the entire value chain up to manufacturing prototypes and to explore new technologies for highly miniaturized spectrometer systems. Furthermore, we offer high knowledge to develop test strategies for spectral technologies and spectral routine measurements.

Research topics

  • Design and optimization of components and systems and their fabrication
  • Tunable filters and chopper, wavelength selective emitters and absorbers
  • Micro optics and sub-wavelength structures
  • Testing and qualification
  • Algorithms and application development
  • Spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging


Spectral tunable filters

Subwavelength structures

FPI hyperspectral camera

Spectral sensor systems for process and condition monitoring

NMR Spectrometer

Realization of quantum dot solar cells on technical textiles

Quantum dot based LEDs on textiles    

Miniaturized NIR/MIR Spectrometer

Optical monitoring system for quality monitoring of galvanic liquids   

Elektro-optical transducers based on quantum dots 


  • Shamrock 303i + Camera DU920 BR-DD, DU491A-1.7 (iDus InGaAs Photodiodenarray)
  • Bruker FT-IR Spectrometer Vertex 27 + TGA/DSC (Netzsch STA449 F5)
  • Bruker FT-IR Spectrometer Vertex 70 (Step Scan Modus, variable angle reflection, ATR, integrating sphere accessory)
  • Spectral photometer UviLine 9400
  • GloveBox System (Experimentation / Coating System with GloveBox and 2 effusion cells and 2 thermal evaporation cells for metals)
  • SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum laser (450-2400 nm)
  • SuperK FIANIUM FIU-15 supercontinuum laser (390 – 2400nm)
  • Fluxim Paios (DC, AC and Transient Characterization of OLEDs and Solar Cells)
  • Diverse optical accessory (lasers, photomultipliers, optical benches, translation and rotation stages, Optical Power Meters, Integrating sphere with silicon and photometrical detector, lock-in amplifier)


Software Tools

  • CST microwave studio
  • Fluxim Setfos (Advanced OLED and Solar Cell Modeling Software)
  • MatLab, Mathematica, TensorFlow
  • OptiWave FDTD
  • SolidWorks
  • Spice (T-Spice, P-Spice, TI-Spice)
  • ZEMAX ®

  • Design and simulation services with sequential and non-sequential Ray-Tracing method (Zemax®)
  • Design and optimization of micro-optical components and sub-wavelength structures for reflectors, filters, ARCs, absorbers and emitters
  • Analysis of wave fields by Finite-difference method (FDTD)
  • Technology development for MEMS and NEMS processes
  • Assembly and interconnection technologies for photonic components
  • Functional tests and qualification of components and systems at wafer level
  • Algorithm and application development
  • Test and characterization
  • Spectroscopy of substances and mixtures by reflection and transmission spectroscopy (directed: 5-80°, diffuse) and ATR
  • Refractive index and layer thickness determination
  • Time-resolved FTIR measurements
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy (spatially- and time-resolved), confocal microscopy, ultraviolet spectroscopy