Main Focus of Research


MEMS components for RF, micro wave and mm-wave applications are very attractive when the RF circuit demands parameters that are superiors in comparison to solid state RF components particularly in terms of extremely high signal frequencies (> 20 GHz), very good nonlinearity (IIP3> 50 dBm) and high signal power (> 20 dBm). RF MEMS switches, tunable capacitors, reconfigurable phase shifters and micro coils have been in the focus of the research.

RF MEMS components are manufactured at ENAS together with cooperation partners using 3D bulk micromaching technology, SOI- and Cavity SOI MEMS technology as stand-alone device for direct integration into PCBs based on FR4, ceramics or special substrate material. The electrostatic actuation of movable internal parts leads to the desired variation of the RF characteristic (switch state, capacitance, phase shift).

Fields of work

  • Design of RF MEMS components
  • Technology development
  • Prototype fabrication and test
  • Characterization of the components up to 110 GHz
  • Technology transfer to customer


  • 4-Port vector network analyzer (50 GHz)
  • 2-Port vector network analyzer (110 GHz)
  • 2-Port vector network analyzer (6 GHz)
  • Spectrum analyzer (18 GHz)
  • Power amplifier (9 GHz, 40 dBm)
  • Probe stations for RF and mm wave probing, thermal range -60°C…300°C, probing in all frequency ranges, combination to optical motion analysis
  • LabWindows CVI and LabView


Software Tools

  • CST microwave studio
  • AVR
  • Spice (T-Spice, P-Spice, TI-Spice)
  • Layout Editor for MEMS mask set design
  • MatLab
  • Mathematica

  • MEMS mechanical and RF design
  • Fabrication technology co-design
  • Optimization of RF performance
  • Analysis of electro-magnetic fields
  • Technology development and adaptation of already existing fabrication technologies
  • Design of circuits and layout of interface areas at PCB
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Technology transfer to customer
  • Test service at wafer level (up to 8 inch) and at component level
  • Measurment of
    o   scatter parameters
    o   IIP3
    o   compression point
    o   life time
    o   temperature influence
    o   influence of vibration and mechanical shock
    o   maximum RF load capability
  • Analysis of mechanical function (MEMS) by motion analysis simultaneous to the analysis of the electric and RF signals