Technologies and Systems for Smart Power and Mobility

Improvement of aerodynamic conditions (vehicles and wind power plants)

A further topic deals with the improvement of aerodynamic conditions of vehicles. In case of high speed cruise, the largest amount of driving power of aircrafts and cars and trucks is dissipated by the surrounding air flow and vortexes. The influence of the air flow bears a high potential of power saving. Different approaches are pursued by using of Synthetic Jet Actuators to influence the vortex by a multitude of small synthetically generated crossflows. It aims to optimize the air flow around the vehicle. Moreover, it turned out that the efficiency of wind power plants can be increased by active flow control when the flows around the blades is optimized by such technology.

Application examples and scenarios


TOpWind – Improved wind harvesting capability by using active flow control


Clean Sky 2






Metamaterials – possibilities for the realization of passive-acting smart structures


‘Design for Reliability’ in power electronics with new interconnection technologies for future smart mobility and smart energy solutions