Improvement of aerodynamic conditions (vehicles and wind power plants)

Clean Sky 2

Design of fluidic actuators of the next generation.
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Design of fluidic actuators of the next generation.

Fraunhofer is involved in one of the largest European funding initiatives CleanSky 2, in which promising technologies for the reduction of emissions and noise in the field of aviation are under investigation. Fraunhofer ENAS contributes to two main technology streams (ITDs): Airframe and Large Passenger Aircrafts.

The objective of the ITD Airframe is the development of an adjustable leading edge, the so-called Morphing Leading Edge, which contributes to increase the efficiency of the aircraft. This is achieved by an optimal adapting of the current wing geometry according to the respective flight situation (e.g. start, cruise or landing) by shifting the leading edge. Fraunhofer ENAS participates in the ITD Airframe with the development of a control and monitoring system for the actuators required for the shift of the morphing leading edge. In 2018, the preliminary design phase was completed and the detailed design and implementation phase of a demonstrator has been started.

In the ITD Large Passenger Aircraft, powerful fluidic actuators are developed for active flow control, which are used in different applications. They form the basis for future optimization of the aerodynamics of an aircraft. Based on the results of the European research project AFLoNext, a new generation of actuators is being developed. Those actuators offer a significant increase in performance, robustness and reliability. The first prototypes are currently available, which will be equipped with specially developed electronics in the further course of the project and prepared for planned wind tunnel tests.