Technologies and Systems for Smart Power and Mobility

Powerline Monitoring

Fraunhofer ENAS, together with partners, develops smart sensor systems for monitoring of high voltage and medium voltage power lines including the transmission of data into the grid control center. Such sensor systems are used for increasing the ampacity of existing power lines, for the detection of ice load and for the enhancement of safety and reliability of the electric grid infrastructure. Partial discharge, abnormal temperature change, vibration and motion and ground faults are detected, localized and evaluated on site. The activities include the development of monitoring systems for high voltage overhead lines, middle voltage overhead lines and middle voltage cables and connectors with focus on reliable and cost-effective systems.

Application examples and scenarios


Cable Joint Monitoring System


Algorithms for the monitoring system ASTROSE® in order to increase the current carrying capacity of overhead power lines


Autonomous sensor network for condition monitoring of high voltage power lines (ASTROSE)


ISOSTROSE – Localization of ground faults on 110 kV overhead powerlines with a wireless sensor system mounted at the conductor


Partial discharge sensor using an immersed MEMS transducer


Reliable thermomechanical design of high voltage planar technology solutions for smart wind power modules


Remote ice detection by printed resonator arrays for rotor blades of wind power plants


‘Design for Reliability’ in power electronics with new interconnection technologies for future smart mobility and smart energy solutions