Sensor and Actuator Systems

Optical systems/MOEMS

Optical systems/MOEMS are well-established silicon-based systems, i.e. variable frequency optical filters and shutters based on optical Bragg reflectors which are complemented by light sources and detectors. Furthermore, quantum dot-based LED and photo detectors enable customer specific spectral sensors, material integrated light sources as well as design and display devices.

Application examples and scenarios


Platform for chip-integrated optical IR components


Quantum Dot-based light emitting diodes on textiles


Fabry-Pérot interferometer for sensor applications in the infrared spectral range on their way to further miniaturization


MEMS components with sub-wavelength structures for infrared applications


Carbon nanotube (CNT) films as black body absorber or emitter for IR applications


Fluorescence Spectroscopy


Aluminum nitride – innovative piezoelectric MEMS transducer