Printed Functionalities


We are your competent partner for research and development services in the field of printed functionalities.  


Our portfolio includes the development of manufacturing and product technologies.


We are happy to support you in the implementation of your ideas.



Our manufacturing technology expertise:


-    Printing technologies: Inkjet printing, screen printing, gravure printing and dispensing

-    Continuous roll-to-roll and sheet format processes in ambient condition

-    Printing onto 3D objects

-    Mounting of SMD components on printed conductive paths



We have many years of experience in the development of:


-    Printed antennas

       (patch antennas, fractal antennas, dipole antennas, directional antennas)

-    Printed, flexible and hybrid electronics

       (smart labels, sensor systems, Bluetooth label, printed heaters, printed electrodes, printed batteries)

-    Printed functional layers

       (protective layers, insulation layers, catalytic layers)


Printed catalyst coated membrane (CCM) / MEA for application in fuel cells or electrolyzers

Roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet inkjet and screen printing processes

We offer the following services:

  • Adaptation of printing technologies (selection of materials and process technologies) for the manufacturing of printed products according to customer requirements
  • Knowledge transfer of existing printing technologies for color and functional printing (web-fed and sheet-fed), their field of application and implementation (e.g. printed flexible and hybrid electronic)
  • Design and demonstrator fabrication of printed components (conducting paths, electrodes, antennas, batteries, resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, protective layers, etc.) according to customer requirements
  • Product and circuit design including prototyping of printed, flexible, and hybrid electronic including energy source, sensors, and communication (Bluetooth, WLAN, etc.) according to customer requirements
  • Ink analysis (i.e. measurement of viscosity and angle of contact)
  • Investigations of printability on any desired inks with selected printing technology (screen printing, gravure printing, inkjet, dispensations)


  • Implementation of printing tests according to customer requirements:

      (I) web-fed (reel-to-reel) and sheet-fed screen printing, gravure printing, and inkjet

      (II) printing of 3D objects via inkjet and dispenser


  • Characterization of printed functional layers (surface and electrical properties): REM analysis, tactile profilometry, 4-point measurement, measurement of ampacity, radio frequency properties like reflection or attenuation, etc.
  • Characterization of printed components (conducting paths, electrodes, antennas, batteries, resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, protective layers, etc.)
  • Mounting of SMD components on printed conducting paths
  • Failure analysis of printed, flexible, and hybrid electronic
  • Planning, development, and management of research and cooperation projects

Roll-to-Roll printing press

Continuous roll-to-roll process in ambient condition with the printing technologies inkjet, screen printing and gravure printing to produce functional layers for printed, flexible and hybrid electronics


Inkjet printing machine

FUJIFILM Dimatix DMP-3000 for the use of print heads with up to 128 nozzles

Inkjet printing machine

FUJIFILM Dimatix DMP-2831 for the use of print heads with 16 nozzles

Robot-guided inkjet printing

Inkjet industrial print heads are moved by a 6-axis robot to print functional material (electrically conductive or dielectric ink) onto 3D objects.



Inkjet printing onto 3D-objects

Guided by a 6-axis robot

SMD component placement

Onto printed circuit carriers for the production of printed, flexible and hybrid systems

Flatbed screen printing

Production of functional layers of any kind by screen printing



Printed antennas

Dipole antennas for RFID applications @ 868 MHz

Printed antennas

Modified dipole antenna for communication applications @ 2.45 GHz


Printed antennas

Fractal antenna for communication applications @ 5.8 GHz

Printed battery

Zn/MnO2 primary cells on polymeric films or paper substrates 

Printed conductive paths

For the production of circuit carriers, signal lines and current-carrying lines


LED integration

Onto printed conductive paths for the production of flexible light sources

Printed heaters

For generating temperatures of more than 150 °C


Printed catalytic layers

For the production of CCM (catalytic coated membrane) for fuel cells and electrolyzers

Printed signal lines

On any 3D object, the example shows a car door interior trim

Printed and formable conductive paths

For signal transmission on metals

Printed and formable electronic systems

For electronic functions on metallic objects


Printed circuit components

Resistors, capacitors, switching elements

Printed 3D antennas

With optimized antenna directional radiation characteristics, example shows an antenna on the inside of a folding box

Printed directional antennas

For communication applications @ 5.8 GHz


Printed antennas on textile

For identification applications @ 868 MHz

Robust assembly and connection technology

between a thin printed wiring harness segment and an automotive standardized connector