Novel modelling and simulation techniques are essential for designing innovative micro and nano electro-mechanical systems. Subsequent development processes require an understanding of the coupling of different physical domains at multiple levels. For this process, commercial and customized software tools are deployed for design, analysis and optimization of MEMS/NEMS. An effective linkage of these tools enhances the work of a design engineer to a great extend.

Coupled field analyses enable accurate predictions of MEMS/NEMS functional components and devices behaviour. In consideration of process-induced geometric tolerances, the whole simulation chain is feasible. This includes the layout, process emulation, behavioural modelling of components with the help of the Finite Element Method and model order reduction up to system design. The model of the device can be used to optimise the layout for a mask fabrication and the final device is ready for the test within a virtual development environment and for measurement purpose. Extracted values from parameter identification are used to improve further models for the optimization of e. g. test structures, resonators or whole MEMS/NEMS devices.

We own the following core competences: 

  • Modelling, multiphysics simulation, design and optimization of conventional MEMS and future-oriented NEMS 
  • Application-oriented MEMS/NEMS conceptual, component, device and system design 
  • Combination of numerical simulation and characterization methods for parameter identification
  • Development of simulation methodologies for multiscale modelling of NEMS
  • Design of RF-MEMS
  • Mask design, layout and technology support
  • Design of MOEMS, optical design

The main simulation activities in the fields are:

  • Low frequency electromagnetic analyses
  • Structural analyses
  • Electromechanical coupling
  • Fluid-structure coupling
  • Micro-fluidics and acoustics
  • Thermo‐mechanical induced packaging stress
  • Electromagnetic simulations of RF-MEMS components, antennas and systems