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Technologies and Systems for Smart Health

The business unit Technologies and Systems for Smart Health combines R&D activities with applications in the field of health and life sciences. Our research is focused on the technical and technological aspects, especially in using micro and nanotechnologies for applications in the field of medical science, biology, and healthy living.

Our research projects include, among others, developments for miniaturized sensor and actuator systems including system integration and biocompatible encapsulation for medical implants. The main motivation for implantable sensors and actuators is the replacement, restoration and improvement of human senses and organs.

In addition, integrated sensors and actuators can also be utilized in surgical tools and smart medical devices for the monitoring of patients. Main research activities are biocompatible materials, especially for the interface between biological tissue and technical devices as well as the utilization of MRI-compatible materials and wireless data and energy transfer.

The field of measurement and analytical technologies combines all developments for diagnostic test systems using microfluidic and/or spectroscopic components. Goal of the development is the miniaturization and automation of established analytical procedures into portable systems as well as the development of novel systems and components based on micro and nano technologies.

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Microfluidic and spectroscopic analysis