Microfluidic and spectroscopic analysis

Photograph of FPI with subwavelength grating reflectors

Technologies and Systems for Smart Health

Measurement Technology and Analytics

The field of measurement and analytical technologies combines all developments for diagnostic test systems using microfluidic and/or spectroscopic components. Goal of the development is the miniaturization and automation of established analytical procedures into portable systems as well as the development of novel systems and components based on micro and nano technologies.

Application examples and scenarios


Piezoelectric microsensors for OCT applications


MOLOKO – Novel rapid tests for food quality and animal health


MIDARDI – for a better treatment of diabetic foot ulcer


Mobile pathogen analysis for the reduction of broadband antibiotics




Development of a mobile diagnostic platform for the use on self-contained, exploration rovers within harsh environments


Tunable band-pass filters for infrared light


Capillary microfluidic chip with integrated pump and valve actuator