Inertial sensors

Sensor and Actuator Systems

Inertial sensors

This topic focuses on the development of high precision silicon-based sensors for measuring acceleration, vibration, inclination and angular rate. The value chain, starting with the design of the MEMS or system, the development of technologies as well as the manufacturing of prototypes, followed by the characterization and testing of the system, is fully covered.

Application examples and scenarios


Intense2020 – Development of robust acceleration sensors for automotive applications


Thermo-mechanic excitation of encapsulated MEMS components


Aluminum nitride – innovative piezoelectric MEMS transducer


High-performance MEMS gyroscope


Cu-TSV for MEMS based on a via last approach


Temporary wafer bonding for MEMS devices


Direct integration of strain-sensitive field effect transistors for NEMS


Piezoelectric low-power MEMS with aluminum nitride